Teacher Tells Philly Student Wearing A Robney Shirt To ‘Get Out Of The Classroom’!

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The poor girl took her teacher seriously…

In a ‘what the hell was she thinking’ moment, 16-year-old high school student Samantha Pawlucy showed up to school on ‘dress down Friday’ in jeans and a t-shirt…but Samantha’s pink shirt drew extra attention because she was wearing a Robney/Lyan tee.

According to NBC News…

“The teacher told me to get out of the classroom, I said no,” Samantha said.

“She told me to take off my shirt and said that she has another one if I need one. And then the teacher asked me… ‘Are your parents Republican?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ She said that’s like her wearing a KKK shirt.”

Samantha was so embarrassed by the public criticism in front of her classmates that she told her parents she didn’t want to return to school.

“I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t think it was right at all.”

They requested a meeting with the principal and the teacher. The teacher apologized to Samantha and her parents saying that the statement was meant as a joke.

“It was funny to her, but I was really embarrassed,” Samantha said.

“If it was a joke between two adults, I can take a joke like that but (my daughter) didn’t know how to take it. She doesn’t understand, she actually thinks she did something wrong,” her father, Richard Pawlucy, said.

“I can just picture her sitting there, feeling ashamed for just wearing a T-shirt,” said her mother, Christine Pawlucy. “That someone could spin that and throw it back on a 16-year-old child and make her feel so terrible.”

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia School District told NBCPhiladelphia.com that the teacher was transferred to another classroom as the district investigates the incident.

Now we’ve all had teachers who cracked on us back in the day. Do you think her teacher took it too far or can this girl not take a joke?

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