Keyshia Cole Gets Low For Performance in NY

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Fellas, with all the performances your girl, Keyshia has been giving lately, the odds of you running into her have dramatically increased. She’s not for the b.s., so make sure you bring your A game by using your notes from the other day before you kick it to her.

Check out more pics of her performing at the Hiro Ballroom in NY below.

A couple more when you…

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  • Aunt Viv

    My brother went to this and he said it was a good show.

  • GoodieRoc

    She can get it for sure…Goodie

  • Talley-B (call me Steel)

    this thighs are looking mighty nice….

  • Raquel26

    *police siren*

    The fashion police has pulled you over and is giving you a citation for:

    SWAGGER JACKING RHIANNA!!!!! Gey your own sh_t, why you ridin’ mines? (in the words of Lil Kim).

  • grendel

    She has awesome legs!

  • Raquel26


  • grendel

    She has awesome legs!


    wow, now even she’s biting off Rihanna! looks like Rihanna made it to Future Icon status before Floponce!

  • da darkness

    tina turner in the making. lets hope it doesn’t get that out of hand.

  • http://yahoo rico

    she looks good now days… lol

  • Hotstuff

    I just hope the dancing and singing is a lil’ more put together, since she insist on dancing

  • Tracey


  • Mrssexcee1

    I was there last night at Hiro, it was nice.She didnt disappoint me . She looked good, sound good and the drinks were good lmao

  • Octavia

    Tracey, please! Good Lord. So only Rihanna and Beyonce can rock a nice body? Keyshia looks damn good. Hater.

  • pat

    Rhi Rhi got all these broadz swagga jackin!!

  • *MiSsUnderSto0d*

    luv luv LUV keyshia, ya’ll already kno i had to c0p A Different Me first thing yesterday, and im feelin it..she tried different things on this new album, but i cant front i was h0ping she’d atleast have ONE male bashin song on it hehe luvz ya keysh! Man down!! hollaaaaa!! 😉

  • betty

    It doesnt even look like her with all that makeup. She looks great though in shape and everything. But I cant think of one song that keisha has out the requires her to dress like that. Whats next I wonder.

  • Adiamondcenter

    Her manly dancers are …….ffiiine ass hell

  • Shani

    I don’t like the way they are styling her. This madonna/Rhianna get up is atrocious. She doesn’t need to dress in this kind of attire.

  • Mamacita

    …somebody’s been working out..!

  • Delorean86

    What is going on with this pic…It looks like she is trying to be like Rihanna…I guess she needs to do something to boost that career of hers but selling ass always works

  • Shaymika

    Kysh is my gal and she is working out and most def doing her thing. She had been hurt before as you can tell from her songs and she def is on point with anything comming her way.

  • Flawadagurl

    I love keyshia but she does give you that Rhi/Bey kind of look. She is healthy and doing her thing so who cares

  • bg

    Damn boo y all them sweaty mens on you? I thought I was ya man…

  • leta354

    KiKi looks great but that’s not her flava – good try…RiRi has oozed so much hot sexuality that all the chickas are feeling like old babes in granny drawz….

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