Blushing Barry: President Obama Admits He’s Embarrassed Listening To Camel And Nas Around Sasha And Malia

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This is for the POTUS with daughters…

President Obama Admits He’s Embarassed To Listen To Rap Music Around His Daughters

We know that Barry likes don a pair of Beats By Dre and nod his head to some good ol’ fashioned American hip-hop every now and then, but apparently listening to rappers’ harsh language with his baby girls isn’t exactly his cup o’ tea.

Via Glamour

GLAMOUR: Thinking about Sasha and Malia, when you ran for office last time, they were both little girls, and now Malia is a teenager. What kind of music does she listen to?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: You know, we actually don’t constrain what she listens to. We expect her to show some good judgment. She listens to my iPod and has gotten hip to stuff that was made well before she was born like Motown, jazz, classic rock. There’s a whole bunch of stuff that she’s picking up on. We actually share tastes in hip-hop and rap music but we don’t listen to it together, because some of the language in there would embarrass me—at least while I’m listening to it with her. Folks like Jay-Z, Nas, we both like them, but when it comes on and I’m sitting with her and Sasha, then I fast-forward because it would make me blush…. It’s interesting, both Malia and Sasha, they’re very much up on pop culture, but what I’m pleased to see is that they’re interested in making culture too. They both play the piano, and Sasha’s dancing, and Malia’s interested in filmmaking.

We gotta commend ol’ Barry O’ for keepin’ it 100. However, its interesting that The President said that he and Michelle don’t regulate their daughters music choices.

Do you think that children of Sasha (11) and Malia (14) age should be kept from music with cursing and sexual themes?

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