Oprah: On The Come Up

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Oprah Winfrey is still coming up, she just signed a deal with HBO, to do movies, documentaries, etc, etc:

Oprah Winfrey’s speculated change in television became a fact Tuesday. According to HBO, the daytime mogul will end her longterm relationship with ABC and begin a new deal with HBO. The deal, which is a three year deal, moves Oprah’s production company to HBO where she will make movies, documentaries and TV series. In recent years Oprah’s specials on ABC have been watched my millions, including the 2005 television adaptation of ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God,’ starring Halle Berry.

It is fine to pack pounds on to your cake when your stacking chips like Oprah is. She is a mogul in media and will be remembered for her ground breakin work long after she is gone.


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  • sweetone


  • da darkness

    let’s make a toast!

  • da darkness

    let’s make a toast, again

  • da darkness

    what’s that on her teeth, i meant tooth?

  • Sawyer

    Oprah wont stop till she’s cornered the airwaves industry! And with Obama as a connect for the next 8 years aint no stopping her now!

    I might hav eto get a job with Oprah industries…the only recession proof job available!


    Oprah’s tired! who watches her and her drama anymore anyway! aghhh

  • Marquis de Sade

    Oh great. That just means she’ll be doing her typical Aunt Jemima/Picaninny po’ negro movies on cable. Next.

  • AAA

    I’ve always and will always respect Oprah! Do the damn thing O!

  • Davina

    This woman is an achievement model no matter what

  • naughty

    @ marquis de sade.u don’t come no where close to oprah. u can’t even touch her much less putting her name in yo mouth. sit ur sorry ass down punk.i pick em like i see em, ignorant.

  • Flawadagurl

    That’s one hardworking woman.She is a role model for women of all races!

  • zappy

    Was Oprah’s hair ALWAYS a weave? When did she start weaving?

  • Melzy

    Why are there only 13 comments for this post whereas the irrelavent aubrey-whoever-she-is has pages upon pages? hmm…

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