Hi Hater: Azzhole That Dissed Portly News Anchor Apologizes: “I Was An Obese Child”

- By Bossip Staff

Oh, NOW you wanna apologize…

Days after defending his infamous email to local Wisconsin TV anchor Jennifer Livingston criticizing her weight, Kenneth Krause now says he “never meant to hurt” her and would possibly revise how he handled the situation.

*Side-eyes Kenneth Krause*

In his first public comments since Livingston’s on-air editorial, Krause told ABC News’ Alex Perez that it was not his intention to hurt Livingston.

“If she is offended, I truly apologize to Jennifer,” Krause said. “That’s the last thing I ever wanted to do.”

Krause admits he did not watch Livingston’s on-air editorial himself, but still empathizes with the anchor, who has said she has a thyroid condition that makes it difficult to lose weight, despite being a triathlete and a runner.

A photo of Krause’s posing behind a mountain bike in a tank top, helmet and bulging biceps appeared on the Facebook page of Brian Simpson, a local radio host and friend of Livingston’s who invited Krause to appear on his show. Krause, however, says he has not always been so fit.

“I can empathize with that,” Krause said of Livingston’s thyroid condition. “I was obese as a child. I’ve been fighting all my life.”

*DOUBLE side-eyes Kenneth Krause*

Although Krause “apologizes”, his quip after the fact doesn’t make it seem to genuine.

“It’s possible I would revise a few things,” he told ABC News. “I never meant to hurt Jennifer. If she is truly hurt, I do apologize for that.”

“I’m in no position to bully her,” he said. “She’s a big media personality. I’m just a working stiff.”

Aw, poor thang…azzhole.

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