Serena Williams in Germany

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Here are pics of Serena Williams at the Porsche Grand Prix tournament in Stuttgart, Germany yesterday. She’s doing her thing making it to the quarterfinals, no sore loser rants going on here.  She stay rockin some crazy piece of jewelry in a tennis match.  That’s a big ass ring on her finger.

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  • AJ

    Go Serena!

  • AND...

    Ooooo weeee she looks like her daddy right there. You go gurl. 🙂

  • MarieDaGuru

    I love Serina! Keep up the great work!!

  • NAIS

    that girl knows she is a living legend. that ring is a beast

  • Traycee

    Look at those big ass arms!!! She is definitely doing her thing! Keep us proud, girl!!!

  • Seattle Slim
  • abbey

    Hey Serena! Love you girl! You go! Accomplish. Accomplish. Accomplish. Legitimize your celebrity, sister! You will be in the history books when the rest of your…”contemporaries” and their poles will not be.

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    Get ‘er done Rena!! I am not mad atcha. Make them respect you, even when they hate! LOL~~

  • abbey

    By the way, for those of you who have not seen Serena in person, know this: God gave her more than incredible hand eye coordination and speed: he also gave her The Body. Check it out at a tournament if you can. It’s a beautiful wonder.

  • Shammod


  • Delta Diva

    Do it Serena!!!!! Now this is a positive, strong black sister…

  • Ms. Fab

    Do your thing, Serena!


    MARRY ME SERENA!!! I’m in love with you gurl. I’ll be a good hubby boo. Do your thang Ma I aint mad at you at all

  • ThaBossLadee

    She’s doin tha damn thang!

  • Louis


  • infamiss

    I’m Sorry but she always looks like Fifty in a wig to me

  • Candy Barr

    I am just happy she got rid of all that fake hair! She looks waaay better!

  • Tommy

    Splendid. Absolutely splendid!!!! The sister is FA-BU-LOUS.

  • DANA


  • CottonEyeJoe

    Only casue I watch too much tennis but the rings are Venus’s. Babygirl is working them!

  • Orville

    Go Serena! And I must point out Serena is NOT with her parents this week in Germany she is ALONE ON her OWN and doing her thing! Go girl! Its nice to see Serena in Europe. I think its been a long time since Serena played tennis in the falls usually she takes the rest of the season off after the US OPEN. Its nice to see Serena serious about tennis.

  • BlahBlah

    How does she hold up the racket with that ring on her finger?

  • daria

    I prefer Venus, but yay for her.

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)


    Go girl… go get you hair done!!!

    Now that was some FUNNY ISH!!!! I made a positive comment about her, but I couldn’t help but LMAO @ this one!!! whheeeeewwwwwwww

  • Mahogany

    Yes, she’s rocking that rock….damn!

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