True Or False: Does Ayana “Chipotle Chick” Marie Have A Gut Full Of Javale Mcgee???

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Most of you probably remember Ayana Marie from an September story we posted on her salty encounter with NBA baller Javale McGee that left her angry, hungry, and…knocked up??

Ayana recently hit Twitter to announce that she is indeed carrying a bun inside her gold-diggin oven.

Obviously this led her followers to flood her mentions with questions about who has fathered of this bundle joy.

To which Ayana replied via now deleted tweets:

“My only concern is my unborn child, I’m not commenting publicly about anything else. You don’t like it? You can kiss my a$$.”

“I don’t give a damn about what anyone says. They can all kiss my a$$. I am not letting it effect me. Javale can kiss my a$$ too.”

Just so that we’re clear, Ayana NEVER admitted that Javale was the child’s father. However, considering that she let Javale chop her down on August 8, 2012 and announced her pregnancy on October 6, 2012 one can surmise that McGee has to AT LEAST be in the running for one of Ayana’s potential baby daddies.

To add a little fuel to that specualtion Ayana posted this tweet in place of her deleted rant.

Sounds like Ayana might be planning an 18-year revenge. Good luck Javale you silly muhfugga, bet you wish you copped that Chipotle now!

Hope you stackin’ that paper!

Image via AP/Twitter

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