How Faux Can You Go: Has RihRih Been Rockin’ Fake Birkin Bags?

- By Bossip Staff

Has RihRih been rockin’ designer duds or just duds period?

Via the National Enquirer:

NOTE TO RIHANNA: Everyone who knows you envies your astounding collection of Birkin designer bags – some of which sell for tens of thousand$$ – but I’m told on good authority that you’d better get an expert to authenticate all those pricey purses pals have gifted you with:

They just might be valueless KNOCK-OFFS!

Cackled My Couture Spy, an expert in ladies bags: “Trust me when I tell you that several of the so-called ‘five-figure’ Birkin bags Rihanna got from so-called ‘friends’ may appear to be perfect in every detail – but they’re total knock-offs that cost a few hundred at most.”

Whose to say she didn’t know they were fake already and just doesn’t give a flying fawk?

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