We Used To Love You: Drastic Ways That These Bangin’ Women Turned Us Off And Made Us Almost Not Want To Chop Them Down

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Beautiful Celebrities That Turned Us Off

You ever see a beautiful woman that all of a sudden does something that turns you off to no end? Something that truly makes them ugly in your eyes? Like its damn near a deal breaker?

Well the same thing happens with celebrities. Sometimes beautiful women do things that make us damn near say we wouldn’t want any if they offered it.

Okay we’d still give them the business but these things really turned us off.

Kim Kardashian – So what did it? That fake marriage is when she finally jumped the shark.

Stacey Dash – she sent out a tweet supporting Mitt Romney. That took her down several notches.

Pamela Anderson – When she got hepatitis B and the world found out, it was over.

Tyra Banks – Her TV show made us want to never hear her speak again. And she used to be so fine on Fresh Prince.

Delishis – She let Flavor Flav beat. No thanks.

Chili – That TV show made her look like a snob and too much trouble. She should have embraced the chill.

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    Sarah Palin – if she didn’t do that stupid talking about politics and running with McCain she could get it.

    Phaedra – That donk is crazy but her insanity makes her hard to take.

    Keri Hilton – When she tried to get all gully and hoe-y at the same time, she became a huge turn off.

    Kelis – Dressing up like Avatar and stealing Nas’ money made us all write her off.

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