When The Checks Stop Coming In: Pitiful Azz Terrell Owens Slores Himself Out On Twitter Begging The New York Jets For A Job!

- By Bossip Staff

My how the mighty have fallen…

Terrell Owens Begs The New York Jets For A Job Over Twitter

Last night, during the 666th Monday Night Football game ever, Terrell Owens must have been sitting on the couch in whichever home hasn’t been foreclosed on watching the game. Upon seeing the Jets struggle to catch pass after pass, he offer his services to the team in the most pitiful and desperate ways ever, over Twitter.

Here is what our homie at BlackSportsOnline had to say about the desperate move.

Personally, I think Plaxico Burress would give them the most immediate help, followed by Chad Johnson and then T.O.

I do expect them to bring someone in, so maybe T.O. did the right thing by taking some initiative.

Ok, so maybe we’re being hard on T.O., but dammit it’s a damn shame that a ninja that was this successful and talented has let it come down to THIS!

Here’s what Jets loud-mouth coach Rex Ryan had to say about T.O.’s humble request.

Well, maybe it’s not so bad after all.

Oops, spoke too soon…

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