Hollyweirdos: Brad “Jah Rastafari” Pitt Dons Funky Costumes And Covers ‘Interview Magazine’

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Brad Pitt got way into character for a recent cover feature for Interview Magazine, then he proceeded to get kinda, uh, deep and stuff… discussing how acting is no longer his true passion and he’s become increasingly selective about the roles he takes on.

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Brad Pitt tells the October/November issue of Interview Magazine that he’s getting increasingly finicky about the movie roles he chooses.

“I want it to be worthy enough of a story to leave the family, you know? They’re everything,” the 48-year-old star told Guy Ritchie, his director on 2000’s “Snatch.” The family is first . . . I also don’t want to embarrass them.”

Angelina Jolie’s fiance also posed for a photo spread for the magazine in which he dresses as a number of different characters, including a hitman and a Rastafarian.

Nowadays, Pitt says, “I’d rather be behind the camera,” adding that he relishes working as a producer.

That doesn’t mean the star of the upcoming, “Killing Them Softly” doesn’t think he can still hack it on screen. When asked by Richie how he feels about himself as an actor, Pitt responded, “Pretty damn solid. I’d say pretty damn solid.”

The roles he has cherrypicked recently – from his Academy Award-nominated performance in “Moneyball” to his critically acclaimed turn in “The Tree of Life” – he picks because he’s interested in the company of the directors behind them.

For “Killing Them Softly,” he says, he was seduced by what looks like an engaging crime thriller – but is really an allegory that takes aim at business and politics in the United States.

“We’re at a particularly ugly time when we’re at such a divide in America, but that divide is not there because everyone is trying to figure out what’s best for the people,” the Obama supporter told Interview. “It’s there because one side is trying to win out over the other side.”

See what we mean? Deep and stuff. It’s also kind of hilarious that he is concerned about not embarrassing his family. Clearly Shiloh doesn’t give two fawks about that. LOL.

Photo Credit: Steven Klein/Interview Magazine

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