Teach Me And Twerk It: High School Student Busted Putting Butt Enhancement Pills In His Teacher’s Coffee

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All I want for my school daaaay, is a big-booty ho…meroom teacher

High School Student Puts Butt Enhancement Pills In His Teacher’s Coffee

A North Carolina high school student is under investigation after he allegedly put butt enhancement pills in his teacher’s coffee to help her pancakes poke out a little bit more.

via News One

Police in Charlotte, N. C., are delving into a case involving a high school student who thought his technical education, Ellen Vick, needed more junk in her trunk.

So the student allegedly made the decision to spike her coffee with butt enhancement pills during class, according to Gawker.

Local authorities claim the drug that was put in Vick’s coffee is called “GluteBoost,” which is a supplement that claims to plump butts up. School officials discovered an empty package of the supplement–three capsules had been emptied and one was left untouched. It is not known where exactly the packet was found.

Apparently T & A are just as important as As and Bs to some students.

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