The Side-Eye: Slavery-Lovin’ Lawmaker Jon Hubbard Defends Comments, ‘Slavery Was Cruel… But Black People Are Better Off Here Than In Africa’

- By Bossip Staff

Aww shucks…thanks for clearing that up for us! Jon Hubbard actually gave an interview to defend his piece of isht book and it backfired because the lawmaker just ended up sounding even more racist.

Hubbard continued to say that African-Americans are lucky they were once slaves. According to TalkBusiness:

“Slavery was cruel, but as a result of slavery, we have African-Americans living in this country today who are living here in situations that are probably much better to endure than if they were living in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you had the choice knowing the lifestyle of people living in Africa and knowing the lifestyle of people living in the United States, which would you choose? Pure and simple.”

“But I think the end result — that they [African-Americans] did get to live in America, although the means for getting here were terrible —I think the end result was better than it would have been if they had to live in Africa themselves.”

Asked if the outcome justified the institution of slavery in early America, Hubbard said it did not.

“I don’t think anything justifies nearly three centuries of slavery, but the facts are the facts; we can’t take that back,” he said. “… I don’t know of any other way that black people in America could have gotten here if there hadn’t been slavery back at that time.”

According to Hubbard’s version of history, absolutely no one in Africa had a boat or a ship back in the day.

Wow! We never knew Africans didn’t have boats!!

The saddest part about this story is the fact that Arkansas Republican leaders have not asked Hubbard to resign.

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