Hide Ya Kids: Couple Gets Evicted After Landlord Finds Infant Boy Buried In Their Backyard

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Some people really should NOT be allowed to have more children…

Couple Gets Evicted After Burying Their Infant Son In The Backyard

A sad and disgusting story out of Long Island, NY…

via Huffington Post:

They killed and buried their 17-month-old son behind their home, and then let their other two boys play atop his gruesome grave.

The chilling allegations against Heather Kowalczik and her boyfriend, Robert Rodriguez, led to their eviction in Long Island, N.Y., on Tuesday. Their landlords — whose family has owned the property for decades — pulled all of their belongings out of the house and piled them in the driveway, ABC News reports.

To make matters worse, the landlord had no idea that the child’s body was buried in the yard until over 2 years later. Smh.  Some “parents” really aint isht…

The landlords, Angela Lancia and her husband, Luigi, told the station that they’d had enough since young Justin Kowalczik’s body was unearthed on Saturday.

“This is my family’s property for 52 years, I rented it to what I thought was a nice couple, and they turned out to do this in my family’s yard, it’s pitiful what they did to that poor child, and then they made their other children play in that yard,” Angela Lancia said. “Some people got no conscience.”

Police say the infant was buried in the back yard in the summer of 2010. The boy’s mother took cops to the 3-foot-deep burial site this weekend after a social worker confronted her about Justin’s whereabouts. She claims that her live-in boyfriend — but not the father — had something to do with the child’s death, and that he intimidated her into staying quiet.

This is such a tragic and sad case with way too many unanswered questions.

How do you stay with someone who “had something to do” with your child’s death?? Why did 2 YEARS go by before social services questioned the child’s whereabouts? No one else in the family wondered what happened to the baby…or did they all know?

That poor child…..

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