Quote Of The Day: Mitt Romney Says People Can Go Without Healthcare And Be Just Fine – “They Won’t Die In Their Apartments”

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Mitt Romney Says People Don’t Need To Have Health Insurance

Mitt Romney is still standing firm on his stance that Americans should not be required to have health insurance. He re-affirmed his position on the issue on a recent issue of 60 minutes, where he asserted that people shouldn’t be required to have health insurance because they can still get care without it……at someone else’s expense.

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People without health insurance don’t lack access to care, and aren’t at risk of “dying in their apartments,” according to Mitt Romney.

The Republican presidential candidate revived a theme he sounded in a “60 Minutes” interview last month, during a Wednesday interview with the Columbus Dispatch editorial board. Romney said that he intends to oversee the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act as president, and replace it with his own plan, which he said would give people the “choice” whether to buy coverage.

Meanwhile in the real world, the Huffington Post shed some light on what it really means to go without health insurance:

Roughly 4 in 25 Americans, or nearly 49 million Americans, had no health insurancelast year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Repealing Obamacare would deny access to health insurance to about 30 million uninsured Americans who would have received it under health care reform.

Letting so many people go uninsured ultimately can cost both individuals and society. When people lack health insurance, their health worsens, and their health treatments become more expensive, research has found. People without health insurance also are in danger of facing massive medical bills, debt, and bankruptcy if they get sick or injured.

Mitt, tell us how your foot tastes?

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