One In A Million? Meet All The Semi-Famous Kimmy Cakes Lookalikes And The Men Who Chopped Them Down

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List Of Kim Kardashian Lookalikes

So Kanye West had a tape leak featuring him and a Kim Kardashian lookalike. Reggie Bush is getting a Kim Kardashian lookalike pregnant. Old Navy had a commercial with a Kim Kardashian lookalike.

See a trend going?

There are a ton of women making names for themselves being Kimmy Cakes’ twins. And they’ve been chopped down by people that actually went ahead to chop down the real deal. That’s some weird isht.

Mony Monn – She’s in his newly released freaky flick. Clearly Kanye had an infatuation.

Melissa Molinaro – She did that Old Navy commercial that made Kim sue because they looked so much alike.

Georgia Salpa – She’s been called the Kimmy Cakes twin. See it?

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    Claudia Sampedro – Another Kimmy lookalike that Reggie Bush chopped down. Buddy just can’t move on.

    Lilit Avagyan – She looks like Kim and Reggie is knocking her up right now.

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