Hate It Or Love It??? Website Offers Couples Up To $25,000 For Staying Married For 20 Years!

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Reverse pre-nup??

Website Offers Married Couples $25,000 For Staying Together For 20 Years


Day-to-day life is beautiful — but complicated — for Veronica and Tim Villegas. They are juggling three children under the age of seven.

“It’s ‘Take the baby, it’s time to feed.’ ‘Where is dinner? Are we cooking? Are we going out to buy?” Tim asked.

And once the madness is over, they fall asleep.

These high school sweethearts know their marriage needs to be a stronger focus.

“I think it’s important to have a stable relationship with each other, just to be better parents,” Veronica said. “Right now we’re caught up being mom and dad, not husband and wife.”

All this led Veronica and Tim to find a…”innovative” way to keep their marriage tight.

So the Villegas joined Guarantee Your Marriage, an online marriage training program designed to carve out time. For $30 a month, they go through research-based modules designed to help them reconnect and communicate.

“A lot of people are in a situation that is not as bad as they think. Moving people from independence to interdependence is a difficult process,” said Jaques Bazinet with Guarantee Your Marriage.

So how do they facilitate that “difficult process”??

For that reason, organizers decided offering the program wasn’t enough. There had to be more — like a cash incentive.

Couples who stay married and involved in the program for 20 years earn $25,000.

But there’s more.

“We offer a $10,000 warranty for the failure of our product,” Bazinet said.

That warranty starts to build after five years. If you stick with the program and divorce after five years, you get $5,000 — an amount that increases $1,000 a year.

So, after taking part in the program for 10 years, If it fails, you get $10,000.

Wow, while this may sound like a nice little incentive, the fact of the matter is that it says a lot about marriage in 2012 when programs like this even EXIST.

Is this something you would consider signing up for with your husband/wife? Does it make you uncomfortable that you are basically betting money on your marriage?

Hit that comments section and speak your piece!

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