Illegal Booty Injections Leave Woman Limbless!!

- By Bossip Staff

Oh Lawd…why can’t we be happy with what our Mama’s gave us? How many women out there do you think have considered getting injections so they could be dubbed ‘Ms. Fat Booty’ too??

According to Essence:

Teased by her family and friends about her flat “pancake” booty, Apryl Michelle Brown had always been insecure about her backside. Once she got enough money, she told herself, she’d buy herself a better one. “I didn’t know if I wanted to look like Janet Jackson or J. Lo,” the Los Angeles cosmetologist, 46, says in an exclusive interview featured in the November issue of ESSENCE magazine. “I just wanted a new, bigger booty.”

Tragically, her quest for curves cost her all her limbs and almost her life.

In 2004, Brown says she paid a “pumper,” an unlicensed person, to inject industrial-grade silicone into her buttocks. Brown can’t recall how much the woman actually charged — maybe $500, maybe $1,000 — but over time, she says, the area became intensely irritated and painful, and the skin blackened. By early 2006 she says the silicone had hardened, causing severe pain and infection, ultimately requiring her to have lifesaving amputation of her limbs last year.

Now adjusting to her new life with prosthetics, Brown shares her story — and her warning for others tempted to check out “pumping parties” — with writer Amy Elisa Keith in ESSENCE. “I was left here for a purpose,” she says. “I have to get the word out so that nobody else makes this choice.”

We hope Apryl’s story is a warning that’s taken seriously.

Has society and the media made women that insecure?

Images via Essence/Kawai Matthews

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  • luvndisdamcity

    OMG I’m sad to hear this and yes the world has turned to more of an appearance spectical and society is more worried about the wrong things. I will be sharing this story my best friend of 30+ years wanted to go to brazil for booty injections. She has been complaining of her lack of backside throughout the years and I was adamantly in telling her NO we just deal with what our mama gave us or didn’t. Thanks for sharing god bless. I truly hope this saves the next person

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