Vick Going to Half-Way House on Inauguration Day???

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Posted by Bossip Staff

According to Livesteez, your boy Michael Vick, might be headed to a halfway house…on the date of Obama’s inauguration, Jan 20th:

Imprisoned NFL star Michael Vick could be moved from a federal prison in the Midwest to a Virginia halfway house by Jan. 20, one of his attorneys told a federal bankruptcy judge Tuesday. The suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback is serving a 23-month prison term in Leavenworth, KS, for financing a dogfighting ring and is scheduled to be released from federal custody around July 20. Last month, Vick also pleaded guilty to a state dogfighting charge, avoiding more prison time. The case’s resolution also cleared the way for his early release from prison and possible transition into a halfway house. Vick’s camp says his long-distance absence has complicated his bankruptcy proceedings in Virginia, so they are working to get him moved to the state, said Michael Blumenthal, one of Vick’s bankruptcy attorneys. Conversely, the bankruptcy case might complicate plans for Vick’s transfer, reports The Associated Press. U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Frank Santoro ordered that paperwork must be completed to ensure Vick’s appearance at a bankruptcy hearing set for Jan. 30 in Newport News. That paperwork could take weeks to process and could delay the halfway house program, Blumenthal said. Blumenthal on Tuesday asked Santoro to postpone the hearing by a week, which would improve the chances of Vick being transferred before his required appearance in bankruptcy court. Santoro refused.

We can’t believe they are still sending him through the ringer, while other people who committed equally bad, or worse crimes are free to roam the streets and do as they please. And trying to tarnish inauguration day with this mess is just a shame. SMH


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    OMG why that caption just make me think of that comedy central show “halfway house” that shyt was so daym funny!

  • Hannibal


  • Wenzel Dashington

    Our boy Obama was going to pardon Vick that day anyway.

  • Dashington

    At least I’d like to think so

  • Detroiter4Life

    He’s apart of that large and ever growing cult “Dumbest men ever”……SMH just pathetic

  • shavondenise

    Glad to hear. One step closer to freedom and getting on with his life. He was used as a pawn, even though he was also at fault and very stupid, he was used as a pawn. It sucks when you become the example and there are people who actually commit murder or rape and dont get locked up like that but its life.

  • Detroiter4Life

    @ Shavon

    I hear what you sayin but that’s neither here nor there you can only be held accountable for the wrong that you do. Sympathy for him or any of these athletes that ruin their chance is a waste of time.

  • dfiestyone

    That’s how the “Nations” like to do us!!! Try to strip us of everything to include our pride and sanity but it never work and it won’t now!!
    Hang in there bro, better days are coming just don’t give up!!

  • star




  • REC

    I am from VA and the same city as Vick, This is Virgina and race is still a big factor in some of them good old boys., That Judge who is handling his BK case is a D**K He was my BK trustee and he gave me hell too, Just look at what they tried to do to young Alan Iverson Before he went to the NBA some things never change. I wish the best for Mike and our community is still proud of you.

  • RJ

    gimme a break with all the “free mike vick” crap.

    dude was gettin paid like crazy to play ball, but still wanted to keep that ignorant thug lifestyle going, and got busted. he got exactly what he deserved.

    I’m tired of all these NFL, NBA black boys who have a clear pathway out of the hood but just arent’t man enough to take it.

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