Attention Sloring Goes Wrong: The Very Worst Of Rappers On Reality Shows

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Worst Of Rappers On Reality TV

Remember the good old days when rappers would just do regular things like release singles and videos and get shot to promote their music? Things done changed. Now rappers are using a new technique: hopping on reality shows like they’re desperate housewives or something. It’s quite sad to see.

Still, these rappers do it and it rarely if ever ends well. Let’s take a look at rappers that went to the reality show world and made us SMH.

Flavor Flav – He started this nonsense, really. Flav had his dating show Flavor Of Love and set humanity back with every episode.

Benzino – Crying and proclaiming his love on reality TV? Not so baller, Benzy.

Kanye West – Simping on the Kardashian show? You’re a bigger man than that Yeezy.

Jim Jones – Someone should have told him to stay away from Love & Hip-Hop. Too much damn drama.

Diddy – He was cool at the beginning of Making The Band…but he sort of jumped the shark and became a parody of himself.

DMX – The less we knew about his dysfunctional life the better. We could have lived without his reality shows.

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    Lil Scrappy – His career is over basically but he still didn’t need to get engaged on a reality show!

    The Game – He’s getting married on a reality special…after calling off the engagement 43 times.

    Joe Budden – He’ll be on Love And Hip-Hop this season. You’ve been warned.

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