Exclusive New White Chick Rapper On The Block: Hi Dolla Honey “I Prefer Black Men!” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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Bossip: How do you feel about the emergence of white rappers?

HDH: I think it’s great! Hip Hop is a culture and a sound, not a color. Music is versatile and relatable to diverse types of people. I was one of the 1st talented “White Rappers” or “White Female Rappers” on World Star and other spots on the internet and it feels great to open the door for others.
A few years ago, my 1st song I released on the net went viral and was talked about on a bunch of blogs and sites! I feel like I was and am a Pioneer for White Rappers! I wish I would’ve had better management at that time!

Bossip: How does you feel about Iggy?

HDH: Is that the one signed to TI? I only heard a couple songs by her, but she sounds good and is talented based on the songs I heard. She looks nice too….I wish her the best! I hope she kills the game! Maybe we will collab in the future.

Bossip: Who robbed You? Memphitz? How much did they rob you for?

HDH:Ha ha ha! Nahhhhhh! I never met Memph yet….This was a manager I hired from Houston. This snakes name is Marcus Goree aka “”Money Marc” and he embezzled $150,000+ by forging documents and skimming by inflating prices and other unethical practices. He was working for me for about 1.5 years and he was embezzling most of the money in the budget each month and using it on his own artist and to floss and pay his bills which lead to my projects not appearing to be top quality BUT I took him to court and WON and the judge awarded me $2.1 Million in April! It feels good to win over evil and I felt vindicated! That situation taught me a lot and I now have a better team and a clearer vision of where I want to go. My Time Is Now!

Bossip: Are your kids mixed?

HDHL No my children are White

Bossip: What do you feel about black folks who think white women are “stealing” their black men?

HDH: My serious answer is “I think that it’s sad that they look at the world from such a racist point of view or feel like they are threatened or inferior or something. Everyone and every color has their own beauty, I don’t think anyone is inferior or superior, just different. I prefer Black men lol they sexy!”

My joking answer “Everyone takes what they like from other cultures,” a lot of Black women like to sport Korean Women Hair, why can’t White women have some sexy black arm candy?”

Bossip: Are you still with your baby daddy?

HDH: No!

Bossip: Where you raised around all black people?

HDH: Yes and no. I mostly went to schools that were mixed mostly with Black, Latino, and Asian. Mostly Black, and then the others and maybe like 10 White people. But there were no black people in my family.

Bossip: How do your parents feel about you in this culture?

HDH: They didn’t! That’s why I left home while in High School to pursue my own dreams, goals and ambitions. Most don’t know this but aside from all of the drama I had to go through because my parents didn’t believe in my dream, I still managed to be the Valedictorian of my High School.

Bossip: What makes your flow different?

HDH: I’m versatile and like to try different and unusual sounds in the instrumentals

Bossip: What’s up with an adult tape? You do know that would blow you all the way up, right?

HDH: LMAO! ROFL! I haven’t had to take my clothes off yet to get millions of views so why resort to it now? Why use what’s between my legs for money when my brain is so much more powerful!

Bossip: How do you feel about the nicki vs kim beef?

HDH: I think they were using Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. Nicki used Kims stature by mimicking her and attacking her, tapping into Kim’s power and fanbase. Then Kim fed into it and started attacking her back, which then made Kim look like she felt threatened. When Nicki got HOT and started getting accolades it was in Kim’s best interest to try and keep her name in Nicki’s mouth to keep her buzz up! Classic!

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