Random Ridiculousness: Tyra and her Audience in their Skivvies

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From our friends TMZ:

Tyra Banks pantsed her entire audience on one of her upcoming shows. The crowd, clad in robes at the beginning of the show, exposed themselves in all their undergarment glory — men and women!Of course Tyra herself led the charge by starting the show in her bra and panties. The subject for the hour: What real women wear underneath their clothes? By the way, you might notice everyone in the audience was hot. Coincidence? We think not. We’re guessing the unattractive people were sent over to Megan Mullally’s show.

Loving the lingerie Tyra, that is a fabulous color, but are we running out of ideas for show topics? For real, though, real women on average do not wear beautiful bra and panty sets underneath their clothes.

I agree with TMZ, that seems like a set up–the audience members were prepared and were not the average American woman. That would have been a better show….they should have surprised the audience, asked them if they were willing to be seen on TV in their drawls, then the world would REALLY know what real women wear underneath their clothes.

Speaking of stripping, this is ridiculous—kids these days….

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