When Animals Insects Attack: Swarm Of Bees Kills 65-Year-Old Retiree Just Trying To Mow His Lawn

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This is so sad. A Texas man had his life cut short while mowing the lawn after accidentally disturbing a bee hive hidden on a rarely used part of his property.

According to KHOU reports:

65-year-old man has died after he was stung repeatedly by a swarm of bees while mowing his lawn in southern Bexar County.

Family members say Juan Urrita wasn’t breathing by the time paramedics showed up to his Fowler Road home.

Leticia Arceneaux, Urrita’s niece, recalled what she was told at the hospital.

“When I get there to see my father, he says that the doctor just told him that his brother did not make it, that he was stung so many times that it closed his airways,” she said.

Urrita was on a riding mower when he was attacked. His brother, Frank, was also lending a hand.

Family members believe the noise from the riding mower aggravated the hive. Both the men were stung.

Arceneaux said they never even knew the hive was there. She said it was attached to a side of the house that is rarely used.

“My uncle, for some reason, decided to go up to the side of the house by the fence. On this side,” Arceneaux pointed out.

Juan, a father of four, was enjoying his retirement.

Frank recently retired, and the two were planning how to spend more time with the family.

Now, Arceneaux said, they are planning a funeral, instead.

Who would’ve ever seen that coming?

So sad.

Life is short y’all, tell the people you love while they’re alive cuz you never know what might happen.

Our sincere condolences to the Urrita family.

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