She Must Have That Good: Women That Have Had Men Fighting Over Them

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Women That Have Men Fighting Over Them

Men are natural hot heads. Instead of talking things out they tend to like to fight it out like neanderthals. And two things they like to fight over: sports and hoo ha. When it comes to women – especially banging women – men will scrap like there’s no tomorrow.

And you just know women love the fights, too. So let’s look at some men who threw down over ladies.

Kim Kardashian –
Yeezy wants to fight over her and Kris Humphries was still fighting for her until that a$$ ended up in court.

Rihanna – Drake and Chris Brown had a sissy fight in a club over her. Must be that good good.

Faith Evans – She had Biggie and Pac fighting over her possible infidelity. Scandalous!

Keyshia Cole – Gucci Mane is claiming that Diddy was chopping her down back when she was with Jeezy and now it’s a big mess. Gucci is such an instigator.

Carmen – Jay and Nas had a big fuss over who chopped her down when. Good thing they moved on.

Serena Williams – Drake and Common can say they didn’t fight over Serena. But you wouldn’t believe them would you?

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    Foxy Brown – Back in the 90s Kurupt and DMX had a small feud over Foxy’s affection. Those men dodged one Walrus-y bullet.

    Nivea – The Dream and Weezy both got her knocked up so they pretty much stay apart…things may get testy.

    Amber Rose – Wiz didn’t like Kanye slandering her. Kanye didnt’ like Drake hanging out with her after they broke up. Those cakes make men get angry.

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