Exhibitionists: Men Who Like Showing Off Their Women’s Bodies For Some Strange Reason

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Men Who Like Showing Off Their Women’s Bodies

Maybe we’re weird. Maybe we’re old-fashioned, but we don’t like to put damn-near nude pictures of our boo things on the Internet. We like to keep those things private. But these guys don’t see it that way. They enjoy showing off their ladies’ curves and cakes and revealing them to the world.

While we enjoy looking, we do find it to be quite odd. But whatever floats their boats. Let’s look at the pics and see the ladies that get shown off.

Kanye West – He used to style Amber Rose and have her pose for various magazines as skimpy as possible.

He’s also got Kimmy Cakes dressing as skimpy as possible too. Yeezy likes to brag.

Ray J – He released a home video of himself and Kim so clearly he doesn’t care who sees her cakes.

Stevie J – He’s always showing off Joseline in her skimpiest. Plus there was the Eve video.

Joe Budden – He’s always instagramming his women and showing them off like he wants you to want them. Dude, chill.

…and he did the same for Tahiry.

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    Ice T – He’s also down for showing off his wife whenever they damn well please. There’s lots of leather there too.

    Jay-Z – He has no issue with Bey putting her cakes on blast on stage even when he’s right there. That’s a confident man.

    Chad Johnson – They posed together without clothes and he was always throwing up pics of her cakes.

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