Fawk A Fling: A Gallery Of Men And Women Who Went Back To Their Boo-Thangs After Getting Dirty-Dogged In Public

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People Who Stayed With Their Cheating Partners

Whether in or outside of Hollyweird, it’s no  secret that relationships are hard work.

And what’s more, there are plenty of people out there who know what its like to have to deal with a spouse or significant other doing their dirt in the street and bringing it home.

It’s hard enough to have to make the decision to leave or stay when dealing with problems behind closed doors, but it becomes an entirely different ball game when you get played in public while the world is watching.

Let’s check out more than a few people who stuck around…or never left….even after they got dirty-dogged in public.

Kim Porter
Before, during and after J.Lo and Cassie, there was Kim Porter. Kim rekindled her long-time love affair with Diddy after J.Lo kicked him to the curb, and even popped out twin baby girls with the Bad Boy bossman while he was gettin his creep on with Cassie.

Emily B
Emily B admitted on LHH NY that Fab would openly claim to be single in interviews and would even outright tell her that she couldn’t walk the red carpet with him, even when she accompanied him on trips and got his gear right. Not to mention that he chopped down her fellow VH1 castmate Kimbella while Em was preggo with their child…and she’s STILL riding by his side.

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted hanging out together with a group of friends this past weekend despite the fact that she publicly admitted to getting it in with her married film director after incriminating photos surfaced. Guess his love is also immortal off-camera too.

Chris Breezy had to literally spell it our for poor Karrueche in a public statement before she finally got the hint and stepped off, even though there were plenty of pics, tweets, songs and a slew of other isht that let her (and everyone else) know that he was still smashin Rih-Rih on the side.

Hillary Clinton
Her husband publicly admitted that he got sloppy-toppy in the Oval Office while he was President of the free-world and she still stuck around. Although it certainly seems to have worked in her favor in the end.

MiMi Faust
Steebie J flaunted his sidepiece Joseline all over ATL and even got her preggo while he was still living with MiMi. She liked to pretend that she wasn’t having it on camera but then agreed to go to counseling to “work it out.” You aint got to lie, girrrll..

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    Lil Wayne
    The Dream “stole” Nivea right from under Weezy’s nose and then wrote a song about it. Nivea and The Dream divorced after 3 years of marriage and 3 kids, and Weezy swooped right in and knocked her up 2 years later.

    Vanessa Bryant
    Kobe held a press conference in 2003 to publicly apologize to Vanessa for creepin’ with a 19-year-old becky while he was on the road at an away game. She threatened to file for divorce in 2011, but not until sticking around for 8 more years.

    Michael Strahan
    Former NFLer Michael Strahan actually put a tracking device in Nicole Murphy’s car after he suspected her of gettin her sideline swerve on….but he still stuck around even after the device caught her in the act. What was the point of that?

    Victoria Beckham
    David Beckham’s affair with the nanny rocked his marriage to his wife Victoria. But she wrote a song about it, built a bridge and got over it. And they even had more babies after it was all said and done.

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