Jim Jones Signs a New Deal

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

With all the G-Unit, Dipset, Koch, etc. rumors Jim Jones has found a home a Sony.

Via MissInfo.tv:

“I just left the lawyer’s office. I signed a multimillion dollar joint venture with Sony. My boss is Rick Rubin and Hip Hop (Kyambo Joshua) is doing my albums with me. What you think Jay-Z is gonna think about that?”

“What’s crazy is that they gave me the same deal that Un and them f*cked up back in the day when they got the Sony/Untertainment deal….I got that joint venture, that 50/50 split, they don’t give those out anymore. That’s a Dame Dash, Ruff Ryders deal. And I’m bout to go crazy with it. I’m gonna be a problem.”

“That’s bugged, right? Just think, Minya [note: ok, I’ve known the Dipset guys longer than I’ve been Miss Info so they get a pass, ool] Hip Hop is the guy who did all of Jay’s albums, and Rick Rubin is the man who gave him that monster hit. So I dont know if he was aware of the deal, but its when everyone else finds out….that’s what I imagine will put him in a different kind of state.”

A multi-million dollar deal?? Yeah, Jim Jones is coming up, now hopefully he can take some extra time out to take showers on a regular basis. Good for him.

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  • Guilty Pleasure

    He looks soooo dirty!!!

  • Notch

    Please these n*gga need a deal with Irish Spring…y must he look so???

  • Bahama Mama

    Jim jones signs a deal…..With a bath company?? please god let that be it??*looks up at story* aww damn well there is still hope

  • Mo'Ree

    ROTFL!!! I thought i would be the first to comment on his stankiness! Why he gotta look SOOOOO dirty…i mean funky just ran 3 miles w/no deodarent forgot to shower hot crotch DIRTY!

  • NAIS

    I love CAPO!! Specially when I feel like going back to the hood (figuratively). That iary of a summer was a great look and still gets play on the ipod! Good for him maybe he can loan cam some money or buy him a vacation home worth braggin about

  • Bahama Mama

    damn notchy u beat me to it…lol but why can i smell the stankness commin thru the screen?? wheew

  • John

    Along with the soap and bath, He need to buy a shirt to cover up that mess on his body!!

  • NYstate

    Jim lookin like he just got finished hugging a dead squid!!

  • brownbarbie

    The sooner Jim Jones drops off the face of the earth, the better. Why is the industry giving this talentless goon yet another deal?

  • Mahogany

    Can stank be bronzed???????

  • 504okaay


  • 504okaay


  • persona

    Baaaaaaaalllllllllin’. Sorry, I had to do that. I think Jim Jones is a lot like Method Man –in the sense that if either of them cleaned up, they’d be too cute.

    You know how there are dudes that look grimey or like ugg mug, no matter what they wear? (I.E. Jay-Z and 50 cent.) Jim Jones is the type of guy that with a hair cut and a bath, he’d look HOT.

    And, we all know that’s not “keeping it real”. I hold these truths to be self evident that Jim Jones is dirty to not come across as a pretty boy.

  • Mahogany

    What up killer and 504!!!

  • usmarine

    He will never be able to follow up WE FLY HIGH, he is a one hot wonder

  • Brook

    What is his obsession with Jay? I bet he went after this deal to try to get at Jay…how pathetic! Grow up Jim!

  • Notch

    hiya 504…why so far..come into the light with us Caroline (aka honeycomb hideout)

  • the jeweler

    Maybe he can now buy Camron a bigger pool.Or at least buy the Dipset members their chains back.

  • sxyQblondie

    why is he studying jay, and what jay thinks of what he’s doing? come on dude…PULEEZEE STOP IT!! AND GET RID OF THE TACO MEAT THANK YOU!!!

  • La. Finest

    Good for Jimmy now all he has to do now is shower and shave.

  • RiotGrrL11

    When I first scrolled down to this, I was like…UH-UH, Tracy Morgan needs to put the drinks down!

  • Lili

    Multi-million dollar deal meaning what? 2 million?

    Plz. I am surprised Hip-Hop is doing his cd…but whateva man…I bet u Jigga knew about his deal BEFORE he (Jimmy) did. lol But good for him.

    Maybe we can have a new hit besides “We Fly High” and the remix…lol

  • Miss PW

    ^^^ HEY….watch it with using the “n” word…regardless of how GROSS Jim Jones is….

  • Bubothehater

    I thought I was the only one who thought he always looked filthy. Him and Busta Rhymes need a supply of soap and deodorant.

  • Time Out

    And now a note from our new artist………

    Jim Jones: “Hello fellow bloggers. Nice of you to stop by. I see you are taken my visage. Note the sweat dripping just so from my taunt torso. The black and color quarter pantaloons. The sun glasses, back turned baseball cap and costume jewelery. I added the universal three finger hand display as an authentic touch. All to announce my multi-million recording contract with Sony. Hope you like. I look forward to providing you all with fresh entertainment from the hip hop world’s premier artist–ME! Take care and goodnight.. Oh, please buy my CDs upon arrival at shops and stores near you. You’ll be glad you did.”

    Director: “CUT! Great Jimmy boy. Now go hit the showers!”

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