Random Ridiculousness: Texas Company Selling Dog Poop Bags With President “Barry O” Obama’s And Money Makin’ Mitt Romney’s Face

- By Bossip Staff

This is some bull dog isht…

Texas Company Sells Dog Poop Bags With Obama’s And Romney’s Face On Them

Via SplashNews

That stinks. A Texas firm is selling these dog-poop bags featuring the faces of President Obama and Mitt Romney. The company, Therapoo, says the bags are hitting the market “just in time to cast your vote and your dog’s vote, too”, ahead of the Presidential election between the Democrat and Republican candidates on November 6. The biodegradable bags cost $19.95 for 100. The company said in a press release: “The entrepreneurs …. at Therapoo fancy themselves as your poo-litical action committee with a new smear campaign so get ready for the mud slinging.”

We can’t even lie, this isht had us ROLLIN’!

Hell, they even made one for dumb a$$ Sarah Palin, we all KNOW she’s full of isht…

Images via SplashNews

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