In Unexpected Ratchet White Folks News: Microsoft Vice-President Michael Angiulo Raps About “F**king 2 Beyotches” On Stage With Too Short! [Video]

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What’s his favorite word?

Microsoft Vice President Michael Angiulo Raps About “F**king B**ches” On Stage With Too Short

According to TMZ reports:

By day, he’s a geeky Microsoft honcho, but by night, Michael Angiulo got on stage with Too Short and rapped about f***ing 2 b!t$#es at the same time … and TMZ has the video.

Mike’s wife threw a bash for his 40th birthday at a Seattle bar, and hired Mike’s hero, Too Short, to perform for the reasonable price of $25k.

So the 2 got on stage, and Mike, who is responsible for the product planning input that drives the vision process for Windows Live and Windows Internet Explorer, killed it … nailing every lyric.

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You see how HYPE this fool was when the song came on?? LMMFAO!!!

Mike, you’ve got an awesome wife, but she’d be even more awesome if she let you get a piece of those “2 b**ches” for ya birthday. “Especially if you put that BMW in the garage.”, so says Kanye West…

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