Rocker Tom Morello Calls Out Obama: ‘He Talked Like A Different President–But He Acted Just Like All Of The Other Presidents’

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Do you think he’s got a point? Tom Morello doesn’t hold back; especially when it comes to politics. He called out Lyan when his camp used a Rage Against The Machine song without the bands permission and now, he’s put POTUS on blast:

According to Celebuzz…

…the musician is no fan of Barack Obama’s administration either. Despite supporting Obama in the 2008 election, Morello, 48, is grossly disappointed in the president.

“I think Obama has fallen horribly short of expectations that people like I had for him,” Morello told Celebuzz at Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars benefit in New York City on Saturday. “He talked like a different president, he looked like a different president, but he acted just like all of the other presidents, in my view.”

What else did Morello have to say? Watch the video above!

With so much political rhetoric from both parties dedicated to the nation’s middle class, Morello says that politicians are falling short on what he sees as the important issue: poverty.

“There are millions of people around the planet who could be the next Mozart or cancer doctor or the person that cures autism that aren’t able to become the people that they were meant to be due to poverty,” he said.
As for what politicians are doing to address the issue, Morello added: “They’re doing jack-s*** of what needs to be done because the poorest of the poor don’t have lobbyists in Washington. Their advocates are either themselves or people who [speak out] — I’ve dedicated my life’s work to that.”

Morello has been an outspoken left-wing activist throughout his career and most recently has supported the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“I think freedom of speech is very important,” he said. “And to present views that are outside of the corporate-controlled media. That’s a key thing.”

As for what everyday Americans can do to get politically involved, Morello says it’s pretty simple — and a it doesn’t require an Ivy League education.

“You don’t need to read The Wall Street Journal every day to have a moral compass. Stuff’s right and it’s wrong,” he said. “You don’t need to have a honors political science degree from Harvard to weigh in on this stuff — Although I do have an honors political science degree from Harvard,” he added, humorously.

With only three weeks until election day, are you fellin’ confident with the candidates we’ve been given?

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