What The Hell?? Kentucky Woman Charged With First Degree Arson And Murder Blames Crime On “Dream About Grilling While Sleepwalking”

- By Bossip Staff

Wow. People sure do know how to come up with some straight bullisht when they’re guilty, huh??? This broad really wants us to believe she heavily medicated her son then “accidentally” set her apartment on fire while sleepwalking during a dream about grilling.

According to Kentucky.com:

A Lexington woman who told fire investigators she accidentally set her apartment on fire while sleepwalking was charged Monday with first-degree arson and attempted murder. Lamonica Hill, 41, was being held in the Fayette County jail.

Hill and her juvenile son were living at the Circle View Apartments on Lima Drive when their apartment caught fire about 1 a.m. Sept. 13. Hill initially told firefighters she was sleepwalking and had a dream about grilling.

However, Lexington arson investigators found evidence that contradicted her story and indicated that the fire was intentionally set, Capt. Carrie Bowling said Monday at a news conference. Hill’s son had been given an excessive dose of medicine before the fire department’s arrival, Bowling said. She said she could not specify what type of medicine or how much was administered.

Hill and her son escaped the burning apartment after 911 call-takers gave Hill instructions on how to extinguish the fire, which was confined to one room. Hill was arrested Monday afternoon. She was cooperative when she was interviewed by arson investigators, Bowling said.

SMH. Sounds like someone is a little kukoo for Coco Puffs.

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