Pure Comedy: Money Makin’ Mitt Romney’s “Binders Full Of Women” Comments Inspired Hilarious Viral Memes

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These internets work QUICK!

A Gallery Of Mitt Romney’s “Binder Full Of Women” Memes

Last night’s Presidential debate was full of highlights and “oh isht” momemnts, one of the most talked about in the e-streets was Mitt Romney’s comments about having a “binder full of women” when referring to equal opportunity practices in his campaign.

Not missing an opportunity to make jokes at a politician’s expense, the internet blew up with all types of hilarious memes (“an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.”) that spawned a Tumblr page dedicated to Mitt’s soon-to-be-infamous words.

Hit the flipper to get a good laugh at how Mitt’s mouth has turned him into the butt of his own joke. *Joe Biden laugh*

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