Low Budget: Monica and Brandy

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Brandy and Monica hooked up recently in the “A”, at the Brandy Showcase for V103 radio station. We were hoping these 2 could have had a reunion for the hit, “The Boy is Mine,” on a bigger stage than this seedy looking bar with a horrible sound system.

SMH @ Monica’s vocals.

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  • TrueReligion

    I used to have this cd on a single!! lmao @ this old school jam…..loves it!

  • darealwifey

    They were having fun. It was Monica’s night, and she was probably high and hype. LOL

  • kahmmillion

    Can’t nobody afford to go see them in no stadium…FHS (for heaven’s sake) we are in a recession!!! That song was the ish!!

  • pm

    Brandy new cd is great.. no lie go to target and pay that 9 bucks its worth it.

  • Toni Montana

    awww…they should have done this big. on 106 or somethin. i’d pay to see that, “boy is mine” was my jam in middle school. guess dont nobody want to see that but me.




  • Candy

    Chile and Monica still sound real good with bad system and all

  • Aunt Viv


  • MagMile

    Team Brandy.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Monica always over does it on the riffs. I always said if she could get that under control her music would be 1000 times better. Not everyone can or should be Patty or Luther.

  • blaw


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  • Whoa

    Monica is that chick.


    It is obvious that Monica has prevailed over Brandy.. At least she looks better. Brady really needs a make over and she looks under weight. She should do something different with her hair. Her voice is still pretty. But what I don’t understand is how certain celebs spend half of their time being recluse and the other half trying to get their stardom back. But nothing surprise me about Brandy considering she acted ashamed about being from Magnolia, Mississippi. I am proud to be a southern young lady and I think it makes me the unique person that I am. I was told it is your difference that defines you and makes you stand out. Monica has been up on her game and looking fly every time I’ve seen her and he hair game is always vicious.

  • Triple T

    They did great together …. it’s not like someone paid to get in I don’t think.

  • Niasia

    They sound perfectly fine…I am sure they have not sung that song in forever…still my jam too!

  • Reesie....of Cephus and Reesie

    Monica has a great voice….didn’t sound that bad…I could not even hear Brandy..

  • d303

    that song is 10yrs old……I’m just sayin’…..they are done and so is the song.

  • Manhattan

    I wonder who’s skinnier Monica’s size negative 2 self or Brandy’s 75 pound self? Now that’s the REAL question.

  • now for real

    Loved it! They are 2 wonderful songstresses. It looked like one of those had to be there surprise moments. That’s how the A does it. Those small stages with bad sound systems are perfect to see how talented an artist is. All the glitz and glamor in a big production is just that big production.
    Both women are known for doing ballads and even Disney scores. I congratulate them.

    The only people putting them down are those bitter of their own life disappointments.

  • kiko

    If they dropped an album together I would cop it. But I’m not sure about their solo efforts anymore. Brandy is too corny sometimes and Monica too hood. Still love em both tho 🙂

  • SacTown

    Loved it.

  • brown sugar

    they both look great after having babies. loooooove monica’s voice!

  • http://www.thegoddess.blog-city.com The Goddess

    I love the both of them and have been a fan of them for a long time. They both have enormous talent and looked great.

  • everydayjane

    It was a good impromptu performance. I thought they both sounded nice – keep in mind they weren’t in a studio – so that was their real voice. You Go GirlZ!

  • Adiamondcenter

    I liked it…Brandy is my girl and I love her music…so what Monica sounded better…They both got swagga to me……………

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