Happy Birthday: Marshall Bruce “Eminem” Mathers Turns 40 Today, Take A Look At Some His Quadragenarian MC Peers That Are Still Relevant (Or Struggling To Be…)

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Break out the balloons and the non-alcoholic drinks! It’s a celebration beyotches!

A Gallery Of Rappers That Are 40 Years Old Like Eminem

Eminem has come a LONG way. The “Hi My Name Is” rapper has gone from the underground, to the top of the charts, to the big screen, to rehab, and back again. When we think back on it, it’s actually pretty shocking that this guy is really 40 years old now. Long gone are the days of bleached-blonde hair, poppin vicodin, xanax, ecstasy, oxycotin, and washing it down with a bottle of vodka. Today, Marshall is clean, sober, and focused on being a dad to his daughter Hailie and his adopted daughter Alaina (“Laney” as he refers to her, is his ex-wife Kim’s twin sister’s daughter).

As we thought about Marshall turning the big 4-0 we thought about the other 40 year-old rappers in the game today. Some of these MCs are rich and successful, and some of them are livin’ that struggle life HEAVY.

Hit the flipper to take at some of Em’s aging, rhymes-spittin’ peers, and get caught up on what they are doing with themselves today.

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The Ghetto Boy had to spend some time the whoscow for some unpaid child support, but he’s been released and recently popped on a DJ Khaled song with Nas called “Hip-Hop”

Rev doesn’t do much rappin’ nowadays, but he did pop up at the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher in 2010.

Diddy isn’t much of a lyricist, but when it comes to talkin’ isht over beats there has never been anyone better.


The Tribe Called Quest front man is not only 40, but still putting out quality music. Go check out his album The Renaissance to see what we mean.


Calling him a “rapper” is probably DEFINITELY a stretch, but he gets on stage with a mic and says words that rhyme so f**k it…

We won’t bother to torture you with an example…

LL Cool J

At one point, Uncle L was “the future of the funk”, but now, he’s an old man that is putting out terrible music like this…


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    Fat Joe

    The Bronx rapper has been a staple in hip-hop music for well over 20 years. Although his success has been hit or miss, Joey Crack is still here, working on new music.

    Master P

    Percy Miller is over 40 and filthy rich. That said, we wish he would STOP rapping, but alas he’s a man undeterred by insults and criticism. Unfortunately, his determination led to this…

    Ice Cube

    Yay-yay! O’Shea Jackson is currently working on his new album “Everything’s Corrupt”. Sounds like the Ice Cube that we all know and love, hopefully

    Slick Rick

    The greatest British MC to bless the mic has been off the radar for quite some time, but like these other 40-year-old rappers, we’re sure he’ll pop up with a new album sooner than later. We might not be mad at that either…

    Dr. Dre

    Let’s face it, Eminem probably would not have lived to see 40 if it wasn’t for Andre Young. The good doctor’s track records speaks for itself, and ironically his rhymes are usually spoken by a bevy of ghostwriters before he speaks them on records.

    They say his long-awaited Detox album is “finished”, but we won’t hold our breath…

    Method Man

    The most recognizable (R.I.P. ODB) member of The Wu-Tang Clan is currently working on his fifth solo album Crystal Meth. When will it be out? Who knows…

    Earl Simmons has been done more jail time than music in recent history, but this past September 11th the Dark Man dropped his new album Undisputed. Have you heard it? Do you know anyone that has? Neither do we…

    Black Thought

    Philadelphia’s finest might just the most active 40+ MC on our list. As the lead vocalist for the legendary band The Roots, he appears nightly on The Jimmy Fallon show, in addition to continuing to record music. No struggle here…

    Queen Latifah

    The Queen isn’t spitting a lot of bars these days, but with successful movies, a new talk show, and a recent induction into the New Jersey Hall Of Fame, who has time for raps? There’s money to count!

    Not-so-young Hova is by all means the most successful rapper of all time and arguably the best 40+ year-old rapper alive. Although he does show is age on stage from time to time (forgetting lyrics and looking a little out of breath), at age 42, Jay is still inspired to make music and his most collaboration with Alicia Keys, “Empire State Of Mind”, might just be the biggest song of his career.

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