Florida Crazies: Online Child Sting Operation Catches 23 Molesters At Florida Home

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They thought they were coming to meet a 14-year-oldbut when each ‘man’ came to the door, they were in for a very rude and deserving wake-up call!!!!

Twenty-three men were busted during a week-long online child sting by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. One of the men was an Army Reservist and had the nerve to show up with a fawking teddy bear and hydrocodone pills!!! Another one of these disgusting ishts brought a contract with him!

According to The Daily Mail…

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office announced yesterday that undercover officers had spent the week posing as children or parents of young children on social networks, chat rooms and other websites in the sting called Operation Volusia Broadband.

U.S. Army Reservist Paul Way of Melbourne, Florida, walked up to a house in Ormond Beach with a teddy bear, two hydrocodone pills and a hand-written contract.

The 36-year-old was expecting to find a mother and her 14-year-old daughter who he had arranged to be intimate with over the internet.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, he expected the woman to sign his document, giving him full permission to have relations with the teen.

But when he got to the house he was arrested by law enforcement officers.

The suspects range in age from 18 to 66 years old. The oldest was a 66-year-old semi-retired doctor from Port Orange, John F. Williams.

He arrived at the house with two bottles of wine and Viagra pills, according to the Sentinel.

Job Jesuraju, 19, rode to the home on his bike and even stopped a deputy to ask directions.

A police spokesperson said: ‘These individuals thought they were talking to 14-year-olds or younger children or the parents who were putting their children up for some kind of erotic pleasure.’

When the conversation moved to meeting a child for relations, an undercover officer invited the suspects back to a decoy house where they were arrested.

Volusia Sheriff Ben Johnson said: ‘Child exploitation is a problem that crosses all jurisdictional boundaries and socioeconomic backgrounds.’

Though most of the men were from Volusia, some of them traveled across the country after arranging to have relations online.

Students were also among those arrested.

Hide ya kids folks. Our daughters and sons are too precious and there are some evil, disgusting predators out there!

Images via Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

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