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Here is a trailer for Irv Gotti’s new reality show. VH1 is giving out reality shows like welfare checks.

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  • MinFluff

    Oh yea IM first Take that!





  • cookiez

    he cut ashanti out, she said in a interview recently. and he is dogging his wife out, she needs to leave.

  • KmarHOT

    omg… who can even sit through all 7 min of that GARBAGE??

  • ~

    It looks interesting.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    I’m am not gone sit here ansd act like I won’t be watching Oct. 15. Cause I will! I don’t like Irv as a husband doing what he did to his wife sleeping with them hoes(coughing) (Superhead and Ashanti).”Fellas” Its a woman thang. But him as a father when he was talking with his step daughter( I know what it is like) kinda touching! I don’t want to like Irv but that was touching.

  • syndi

    I think i was born to watch reality t.v.! sad but true! lol!! thank god it’s on vh1 so i can watch it on vspot! i heart vh1! I’m so sick of downloading other shows like ANTM, the CW network only lets you watch online if your in the U.S, that some bull they gotta work on

  • Here we go again

    Mann you are straight stupid if you dont at least want to see the first two episodes it really look interesting I mean any body that actually was looking forward to watching “I love New york” and “Flavor of love” 1and 2 (Im talking about me Will at LEAST give this show a shot plus I really want to know how he is making money…WHO DOESNT? we are not exactley rich here so if I see maybe I can do it too!

  • lacyd

    @ ko

    You are so right.

    But the show looks pretty interesting. Depending on what day it comes on and if it doesn’t interfere with my daily viewings on that day, I’ll watch it.

  • Mo'Ree

    WOW this mess is 6 minutes….he overshot his popularity by 5 mins and 30 seconds

  • wifey

    VH1 has found that pimping out the lowest denominator of black people is profitable. This isn’t just a story about someone trying to make it. Irv is dirty. He took advantage of Ashanti when she was a damn baby.

    It’ll be interesting since VH1 is putting his sh*t on blast. I just feel sorry for his family.

  • helltothanaw

    this mofo is relevant, because???????

    waste of effin’ airtime.

  • Ttime

    At least it actually seems like it’s about REAL issues–life, family, work/business—and not a bunch of black people being the minstrel like all of the other VH1 black, reality shows.

    I’ll watch–seems interesting!

  • Me

    This show seems to suffer from a lack of focus. Is it about him making a comeback with his career or is it about family stuff? I can’t believe she didn’t leave him when Video Vixen came out.

  • Really

    Not been selling records lately…

  • kennedy


  • Teeza

    Glad he introduced himself, cause I sho had no idea who this nicca was. Naw, just kidding….he and ja are both public nuisance. I think the show will be a hit, though….I will be watching!

  • La Dominadora

    Irv didn’t take advantage of no Ashanti. She was over 19 when they met and as for his wife. She is like all them celebrity wives or hoes. As long as hubby keeps the big fat checks coming they don’t give a rat’s behind who the man is f-ckin. Kim Porter just has to do the drama queen bit every now and then and try and get sympathy for being “dogged” by Diddy but really the bish don’t care. She knew Diddy wasn’t goin to marry her black azz. The same with Irv’s wife. they’ve been separated for years and if he never brings his fat ass home whoopdefreakin do – as long as he keeps the fat checks coming.

  • dannigirl

    i don’t really care to much for irv, but I think this show has potential. I think just the family part seems more interesting the relationship with him and his family is a watcher, but the rest?

  • Flex




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