Celebrity Seeds: Paris Jackson Is Actin’ Like A Lil “Hellion” Driving Grandma Katherine To An Early Grave

- By Bossip Staff

Dese seeds be actin’ up! Good thing Grandma Katherine don’t be lettin’ ’em. Paris Jackson is a real problem child apparently….

Via National Enquirer reports:

KATHERINE JACKSON is fed up with her grand­daughter PARIS’ wild-child ways.

The Jackson fam­ily matriarch has been raising the 14-year-old and her brothers since their famous father, Michael, died of a drug overdose in 2009. But deal­ing with Paris’ antics is proving to be more than Katherine can handle – and she recently blasted the teen over her made-up appearance and rebellious attitude.

“Your father would be furious with you!” she screamed at the blue-eyed young beauty, says an insider.

Paris raised eyebrows when she appeared at a red carpet event in Beverly Hills on Oct. 11 wearing a curve-hugging blue gown, high heels and heavy makeup.

“Paris is growing up way too fast and Katherine is worried to death about her. She looked like a 24-year-old,” revealed an insider. “Katherine blew up and told Paris she was wearing too much makeup, her clothes were too tight and re­vealing, and that she’s hanging out with the wrong crowd.

“Katherine was so angry she was in tears. But Paris lashed back at her grandmother for being ‘old-fash­ioned’ and insisted that she’s not doing anything wrong.”

Katherine exploded after Paris posted a photo of herself with short, high­lighted hair on her Twitter page, suggesting she’d chopped off her gorgeous light brown locks. “When Katherine saw the picture, she almost had a heart attack,” said the insider.

While it turned out that Paris was just playing around with a wig, “Paris’ shenanigans are getting to be too much for Kath­erine,” continued the source. “She’s too old to handle a crazy young teenage girl like that.”

The two are also at odds over Paris’ plans to launch an acting career. She’s set to star in the film “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys.”

Katherine recently got some help in raising Paris and her brothers. Over the summer, a Los Angeles judge ordered custody of the kids to be split between her and her grandson T.J. Jackson. Still, no one expects that the new arrangement will do much to rein in Paris. “Paris can’t be tamed by anyone,” said the in­sider. “She’s a hellion and it’s driving her grandma crazy.”

This sounds like typical teenage stuff, but Katherine Jackson is too old to be dealing with this isht. Where is Joe Jackson and his belt when you really need him?


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