Chris Brown on the Geek Bandwagon

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Check out Rihanna and Chris Brown at the Louis Vuitton store in Paris. It is apparent that Jay-Z has used his powers for evil after looking at Breezy and those glasses.  And Breezy might want to think about going with some skinny jeans that are a little less skinny.

More pics of the lovebirds below.

Even more under the hood.

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  • Aunt Viv

    He’s just tryna channel his inner Kanye

  • Aunt Viv

    I gotta admit, Ri-Ri has nice legs.

  • Vinandi ( thinks Sasha fierce is a psycho douchebag and that her Stans should join her in the mental asylum!!)

    LMAO at the old dude checking out RiRis ass! she looks haute!!!

  • Ash*

    oh woof. this is style nowadays? & CB what’s the point of pants if they don’t cover your ass?

  • Foxxy

    It looks as if they are in the Chanel boutique, not LV…

  • Di

    Not feeling the look
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  • Raquel26

    Rhianna looks nice as always. Are those pants that connect to the boots she is wearing??? That sh_t is ill. She definitely has a swag about her.

    And I like the nerdy look on Chris. For some reason, it makes him even more appealing. *wink*

  • roni

    Love Chris and Rhi Rih,but them glasses got to go. They make him look about 12.

  • pm

    like they dress themselves.

  • Nina Knows

    They look cute together.

  • BE

    I think Chris Brown looks cute in those glasses..him and Rhi make a nice couple

  • Joey Boats

    Damn Rihanna looking right


    Im so not feelin Chris!

    Nah Raquel they booties(the shoes) which is why it looks seamless, you can see from the back they dont connect

  • Aunt Viv

    I like the boots.

    Hey Nina, Hey Be 🙂

  • Tasha

    @Raquel26, No her pants aren’t connected to the boots, those are the boots she’s been rocking lately. I think she had them on when they last performed when she had on the black leather dress. And yes, she looks nice; she’s wearing those pants and that cardigan w/the ruffles. And she def does have a natural swagger about her! They look cute together. However, my niece just cringes when she sees these two together and she’s 11 but she LOVES her some Chris!

  • Heather....YEAH...THAT one!


  • me

    she looks really good, and chris brown too. i luv rihanna’s leather trousers. AND i luv how tall she is!

  • iLuvYelloBoyz

    I so luv these two together!

    They also get the Ne-yo stamp of approval.

  • kiki

    I cant stand these 2 they try to hard to be like Jay & B!!!

  • Britt

    I TOLD YALL THERE WAS A GIRL WHO WAS GOING TO KNOCK BEYONCE OUT THE BOX. No RiRi can’t hang with B when it come to sigining, but she got a whole bad ass look about her than B. Chris Brown need to take those glasses off. He looks like a Nerd.

  • thatgirllinda1

    Yeah, that’s a walker right there. I didn’t know Chris was soo popular. Go Rihanna and Chris a young globe-trotting(sp) couple.

  • Britt

    @ Kiki I would not want to trade places with Beyonce and J. Espically Jay z

  • Exxon300

    Man them hamhocks looking good.

  • bored

    Rihanna (aka Prince) does look nice but guess what?
    So does Oprah when she puts on some designer clothes and cakes her face up with makeup..

    Chris can dress anyway and look anyway cause he will go down in some stupid person’s book as being the nerd that nailed Rihanna….So his rep is straight even when after she dumps him when she turns 21….

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