What The Hell?? 500lb Woman Found Laid Up In Her Own Isht And Covered In Maggots!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Her family’s tryin’ to act like they don’t know anything about it but her bedsores and infested apartment prove that she wasn’t being taken care of.

A team of rescuers had to tear down a wall in the apartment she lives in with her family and kids just to get her out!

According to the Daily Mail:

A 500-pound woman is recovering in hospital after she was found lying in her own waste covered in bedsores and maggots. The unidentified woman, 41, had to be extricated from her Detroit apartment by a team of experts and taken to St John Oakland Hospital where she will remain in intensive care for the next two days.

She lived at the home with her husband and four children. Now questions are being asked about why no one did anything to help her sooner.
The family revealed she has been bed ridden ever since a 2011 car accident which left her with a smashed pelvis.

The woman was on some kind of state assistance, which may have been cut off, according to a preliminary investigation, officials said.
The apartment showed signs of a bio hazard, insect infestation and was deemed uninhabitable after a fire crew removed a wall in order to rescue the woman, according to The Detroit News.

Her children – two toddlers and a teen – have been turned over to the care of an aunt. The house has been sealed with the belongings inside.
Police spoke to the woman’s husband – who has also not been identified – who said he tried to help her.

Crying, he said: ‘I love her and it was hard, and it was just me. And I just did the best I could for so long.’

Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green revealed he also spoke to the children and sister and said an investigation is underway. ‘Obviously, there was a failure somewhere for this lady to get the care that she needed.’

Looks like her hubby’s best wasn’t too good for her OR their dayum kids!!!

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