Loose Lips: When Celebrities Try To Out Who Other Celebrities Are Chopping Down

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Celebrities That Gossip About Others

Don’t you hate a big mouth? That one “friend” that runs his or her mouth about your damn business when they shouldn’t. Happens too often. For celebrities, it’s worse because that business gets spread all across the globe.

These poor celebs got their business put on front street by other celebs and it wasn’t always pretty.

Keyshia Cole – Gucci snitched that Diddy was chopping down Keyshia Cole while Jeezy was with her.

Kobe Bryant – Some WNBA players were accusing Kobe of putting the wood down on an Australian swimmer in the Olympics. Woof

Dwyane Wade – Shaq sent a personal email that eventually leaked accusing Dwyane of chopping down Lauren London.

Shaq – Kobe had audio released where he was telling cops about how Shaq covers up his trysts with women.

Mariah Carey – Eminem dropped a song saying him and a homie were trying to “stick our CDs in the same slot.” Mariah rolls like that?

Rocsi – 50 Cent basically called her a garden tool that his homies took on the field plenty of times.

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    Tia – 50 also released a video of Rick Ross’ baby momma getting chopped suey. That’s a tad far, no?

    Hulk Hogan- Remember when his wife said he was getting hopped down by wrestling buddy Brutus Beefcake? We tried to block it from our memories too.

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