Fill in the Blank: Kerry Washington

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kerry Washington was photographed at the Hip Hop Honors After Party.

Fill in the Blank: Kerry Washington looks like she is ready for _________________________.

More pics from the after party right about now…

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  • Monk


  • Mena

    Posing as a blow up doll.

  • http://none tj

    who cares who’s 1st???? grow the hell up!

  • Tallcutie

    ..someone to slap her in the mouth.

  • Black Friday

    This chick gets sexier everytime I see her…I could fit my whole arm down that throat…damn!

  • Seghana

    stop it!!

  • Darth Paul

    …the money shot.

  • NAIS

    Y’all need to quit i kno she will be SO embarrassed that everyone is seeing her like that. She seems classy- u all need to quit

  • NAIS

    Tiny should refrain from smiling AT ALL TIMES. And somebody would have to pay to clean my jacket if I was Keyshia

  • dez nuts


  • ThaBossLadee

    wtf is on her sleeve? Makeup???

  • MissJ

    BJ lessons…


    Waiting for me to unzip my zipper

  • *~*Ms. Tipdrill*~*

    ciara, keyshia and keri hilson looks cute dancing

  • *~*Ms. Tipdrill*~*

    and kerry is ready 4 some dick 2 fly in her mouth






  • Mississippi Girl

    A mean penis to be put in her mouth! Thats my girl though! Natural beauty!

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    Kerry looks like she is saying “Oh no YOU Dih-int!”

    What is up with TIM – they caught a bad shot of him, at an awkward moment I say. . .

  • daria

    She looks like she’s about to cuss someone out, in the classiest way possible of course.

    You are all very nasty. Kerry is a great actress and super classy. She has a very European quality. Have you noticed that European actresses can do nude scenes and raunchy sex scenes without being reduced to “just a pretty face with a bangin body” status? It’s not what you do. It’s how you do it. Take notes Halle (and I love Halle btw).

  • crest

    ready for whatever man or woman will give her another movie role

  • Ttime

    She is becoming the new Gabrielle Union–shows up at every party, but has not had a movie since…well who knows.

    She may be the next actress known more for partying than acting.

  • div

    dang…somebody’s face is on keyshia’s sleeve.

    love kerry! even though she’s been on the abstract color scheme tip as of late.

  • daria

    Kerry is ALWAYS in InStyle. She does go out a lot and always has since she’s been given the opportunity, but you will never see her acting up like some others.

    Kerry has 2 movies out this year and 3 out next year so I don’t know what you’re talking about ttime. As for Gabrielle Union, she had 4 projects this year and one next year.

  • Macho-in-Paris-France


  • Ttime

    @ Daria:

    Give names for ALL of those “projects” that you just mentioned….I need more.

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