Jigga What? Harvard University Tells Black Girl She Can’t List Jay-Z As A Role Model On College Application, Can Rappers Be Role Models?

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Harvard better expect an open letter from Bey very soon…

Harvard Tells Black Girl Can’t She List Jay-Z As A Role Model

Via BusinessInsider:

Back in 2005, a Harvard freshman filling out a profile for an on-campus recruiting program listed Jay-Z as her business role-model.

Chanequa Campbell was promptly called into the Office of Career Services and told to name someone else.

“It’s not appropriate. I don’t think people will respond well to this,” the career counselor told her.

Campbell, who grew up seven blocks from Jay-Z in Brooklyn and idolized the drug-dealer turned rapper turned entrepreneur, refused to name someone else. She argued with the career counselor awhile longer, finally offering as a small concession to use her role model’s given name, Sean Carter.

“I know his resume,” Campbell told me. “He made most of his major respect—Wall Street respect—since ’04.”

Seven years later Campbell, who ended up getting kicked out of Harvard, still gets upset telling how Harvard didn’t respect the businessman from her community.

“Most of Jay-Z’s songs, if you understand his vernacular, he’s telling you how to be cool, how to be good at life,” Campbell says. “He’s promoting things of content, things to aspire to. He mentions Warhol, he mentions Basquiat. He mentions people you’ve never heard of. He brings this light to our normal conversation.”

Hov hangs out with Barack Obama and parties with Warren Buffett. He trails only Sean “Diddy” Combs on the Forbes’ list of Future Hip-Hop Billionaires. If either makes the cut, he will join the short list of currently only five black billionaires in the world. Did Harvard get it wrong?

Can rappers be role models too?

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