Hellbound: The Most Blasphemous Celebrities Of All Time

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Most Blasphemous Celebrities Of All Time

What do celebrities do as soon as they win their awards? “Uh I wanna thank God first and foremost.” But too often celebrities want to push the envelope by peeving God off just as often.

We’re not in the habit of tempting fate or getting struck by lightning, so here are some blasphemous celebs we might want to stay away from when it’s cloudy outside.

Nas – He did a “Hate Me Now” video where he portrayed himself as Jesus carrying a cross. Not cool.

Diddy – He also had a role in that Nas video but wanted to take the video down at the last minute but it was too late.

The Game – He just put out a mixtape cover where he portrays himself as Jesus…in a red bandana. Ugh, make him go away now.

Jay-Z – We’re not too keen on that “Hova” stuff. Chill jigga.

Tupac – He also put himself on an animated cross a la Jesus. Sadly, he died before he could get any backlash for it.

Biggie – He said it himself that he didn’t want to go to heaven with the goody goodies. We’re sure he’s there, though.

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    Lady Gaga – She’s always doing something off the wall like dressing up as a nun or inciting Jesus imagery to get a rise out of people.

    Nicki Minaj – Her Grammy outfit wasn’t the most innocuous thing ever.

    Madonna – She might be the worst offender. Her name is Madonna for Heaven’s sake.

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