Get Your Life Together: Breezy Busted Hurling Homophobic Slurs AGAIN But This Time At A Gay Fan

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He gon’ learn today!

Chris Brown Calls Gay Fan Homophobic Slur

Chris Brown continues to use anti-gay slurs and this time, sources learned the controversial star attacked one of his fans by calling him a “f***ot.”

Via RadarOnline:

On Friday night Los Angeles resident Lucas Peter was at the Arclight movie theater in Hollywood when he spotted Chris and his entourage and approached him to ask for an autograph — but Lucas was taken off guard by Chris’ reaction.

“The movie let out and I saw Chris come out the front door, sort of semi-running. I approached Chris and asked him to sign my CD cover,” Lucas told in an exclusive interview.

“His bodyguard stopped me and said Chris wouldn’t be signing, so I told him Rihanna signs all the time. That’s when Chris stopped in the garage by the parking pay stand and yelled ‘f***ot’ at me.”

Lucas, who is an openly gay man, admits getting angry at Chris’ ignorance and attacking him back by calling him a “wife beater.”

“I walked over to where Chris was getting in the elevator and called him a wife beater and asked him if he was going to beat Rihanna again,” Lucas said.

“Chris said, ‘I beat p***y’ and then his bodyguard tried to scare me by saying, ‘And I beat men.'”

According to Lucas, Chris took off with his bodyguard — and one less fan.

As exclusively reported last July, Chris stunned onlookers during a pickup basketball game when he shouted anti-gay slurs at the other players.

“He got really ticked off when things didn’t go his way during the game, saying, ‘That’s gay!’ and ‘You’re a f***ot a**!’ to the other players,” an eyewitness said.

Where is GLAAD? Wasn’t this dude just apologizin’ for callin’ somebody else gay like a month ago? And Raz B before that? Frank Ocean?

Does Chris Brown have a problem with the gays?

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