‘Airbrushing History’: Barack Takes Mittens Out During The Final Debate

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“We’ve been through tough times, but we always bounce back because of our character.”

Barack threw a lot of one-liners during tonight’s debate that are sure to go down in history. And on a night when Robney needed to question Barack, he just proved to be a copycat.

Money Mitt kept trying to shift the conversation back to education and the high unemployment rate during the entire debate and in the end, Romney adopted Obama’s foreign policy and looked like an amateur who knew nothing about what it really takes to sit in that chair in the Oval Office!

Mexico wasn’t mentioned once in tonight’s debate but China came up in regards to trade and finances. Barack didn’t hesitate to call out Romney on his shady relationship with them either when he said, “If it were up to Romney we’d be buying Chinese cars today, not selling cars to the Chinese”…

According to CNN:

A forceful President Barack Obama put Republican challenger Mitt Romney on the defensive on foreign policy issues on Monday night, scoring a solid victory in their third and final debate just 15 days before Election Day.
Obama displayed the experience of a commander-in-chief in explaining U.S. policy under his leadership and attacking the views and proposals of Romney, a former Massachusetts governor with little experience on overseas issues.

Romney applauded Obama’s efforts to kill Osama bin Laden and other al Qaeda leaders but insisted that “we can’t kill our way of this mess.” Rather, he pushed for “a comprehensive strategy” to curb violent extremism in the Middle East.
“The key is the pathway is to get the Muslim world to reject extremism on its own,” Romney said, proposing U.S. policies to promote economic development, better education, gender equity and to help create institutions.

However, he was unable to express any significant policy difference with Obama on how that would happen.

Obama responded by criticizing his opponent on a host of foreign policy issues — claiming Romney had favored positions that would have hurt the United States or offered sometimes contradictory views.
“What we need to do with respect to the Middle East is strong, steady leadership — not wrong and reckless leadership that is all over the map,” the president said.

Romney also repeatedly tried to shift the discussion to his strongest issue — the continued high unemployment and slow economic recovery under Obama — arguing that a strong foreign policy and national defense depends on a strong economy.

The president shot back that Romney was basing his comparison on military capability on outdated models, saying America had fewer naval ships than years earlier but also has fewer bayonets.
“The question is not a game of ‘Battleship’ where we’re counting ships. It’s a matter of capability,” Obama said.

Romney’s economic plan seeks trillions in tax cuts while increasing defense spending, which would increase the deficit, Obama said

The candidates were at odds as well about how Washington should ultimately respond to the continuing violence in Syria.

We’re pretty sure Mitt’s voting for Barack tomorrow!

What were your favorite cracks on Mittens that Obama whipped at the GOP candidate tonight?

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