Jesus Take The Wheel: North Carolina Man Says Church Kidnapped, Imprisoned, And Beat Him For Being Gay!

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Jesus never kicked anybody’s a$$ for being gay did he?

Man Says North Carolina Church Imprisoned And Beat Him For Being Gay

Via ABCNews

A North Carolina church that has previously faced allegations of harassment and child abuse is the subject of a new investigation launched after a 22-year-old man claims he was held against his will for being gay.

Michael Lowry, who began attending Word of Faith Fellowship Church in Spindale, N.C., as a child, filed a complaint with police earlier this year and has met with investigators multiple times over the past week about the allegations, according to police.

Lowry claims that he was kept in a church dormitory for months in 2011 after telling church members he was gay, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Lowry told ABC News affiliate WLOS that he was knocked unconscious by church members in Aug., 2011, as they read him scripture because of his sexuality.

“The pastor said to find out what my darkest secret was, and I was like, ‘I’m never telling,’ Lowry told WLOS. “They hit my head with fists and I was out on the floor, they held my hands and feet down and were pushing on my chest and I could barely breathe.”

Says the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department:

“We did a follow up interview, we looked at the allegations against the individuals, and it looks like they’re part of the church, and then we did a presentation to the district attorney and the assistant district attorney on Friday,” Francis said. “We believe there will be a presentation to the grand jury sometime in the near future.”

The church pastor, Jane Whaley, says the the church is not against gays, they “fix” gay people to make them straight!

“As far as this church being against gays, that’s absurdity. There are 18 people in this church who have been delivered, they’re not homosexual anymore, but if they were they could still stay in the church,” she said.

Whaley also says that Lowry’s crusade against the church is fueled by people that hate the church.

Whaley pointed out that Lowry has appeared on news broadcasts with a fellow ex-church member, Jerry Cooper, on numerous occasions to discuss the allegations. Cooper has been outspoken about his dislike for the church, she said.

“(Lowry) wouldn’t be saying this except some disgruntled members have pushed him to do that, one of them being the guy that’s with him and two others,” Whaley said today. Whaley noted that she still loved Lowry and Cooper, despite their claims.

On the other hand, Lowry’s homie Jerry Cooper says he’s seen the church’s “gay change” with his own two eyes.

I’ve witnessed it, the patterns, the people held down, the loud screaming, all of it, so I knew Michael’s story was very credible,” Cooper told WLOS in an interview with Lowry present.

Beatings and kidnappings to prevent homosexuality? Someone is lying like a muhfugga…

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