What Is Wrong With This Picture?

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The isht has definitely hit the fan!

North Carolina Man Rides Around In Truck With President Obama Mannequin Hanging From Noose

Yet another public  display of racism and disrespect aimed at President Obama has surfaced as what looks to be the most blatantly out-of-pocket act of nonsense since the 2012 Presidential campaign began .

Once again, the perpetrator tried to write it off as nothing more than an effort to bring social awareness and get the attention of the public.

Well, the latter was certainly accomplished.

via CNN

CNN PRODUCER NOTE: Corey Dixon was leaving the North Carolina State Fair on Saturday when she spotted a truck full of mannequins hanging from nooses, including one that looks like President Barack Obama. CNN affiliate WECT reports that there are several figures as part of the display, including President Obama, North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue and Senior Resident Superior Court Judge W. Douglas Parsons.

The display’s creator, who refers to himself as Patriotphipps on YouTube, told CNN affiliate WBTV he made the truck to ‘bring attention to a murder case for William Henry Phipps, who was shot and killed while he was riding down the highway with his father.’

After many questions from the public, Phipps uploaded a YouTube video in May 2012 explaining the display. ‘You say it’s racism. I say it’s not. Absolutely not. Had we been hanging people in effigy when George Bush was president, I would have hung him, no problem. It wouldn’t have been a problem at all.’

WTF???? How is this nonsense not illegal?? We’re speechless.

Photo Credit: Corey Dixon

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