Surprise Surprise…Gloria Allred’s ‘Shocking’ Mittens News Is Divorce-Related Too!!

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WTF is going on two weeks before we make one of the biggest decisions this year??

First we had that chicken little loudmouthed prick Donald Trump flossin’ his “big news” all over twitter and news stations, and now attention slore Gloria Allred came out of the woodwork with her own “undercover” operation.

We’re used to uncivilized elections in this country but dayum…can we please get through the final weeks before we make our own educated guess vote for who we want to run our country without these two fools diggin’ up more dirt on the candidates?!?!?

According to TMZ, Allred’s mission to a Boston courthouse tomorrow has to do with a very high-profile court case that Mittens was involved in!

Mitt Romney was heavily involved in the extremely messy divorce of one of his key supporters … and the Boston Globe is going to court first thing Wednesday morning in an attempt to unseal the court file as well as lift a gag order … TMZ has learned.

The divorce was between Staples co-founder Tom Stemberg and his first wife Maureen. We’re told the divorce battle lasted for years and was extremely ugly.

Sources tell us Romney gave both a deposition in the divorce and testified in the trial. According to our sources, the Boston Globe got a tip that there was “juicy information about Romney” in the sealed documents.

Romney, Stemberg and Maureen were all served papers by the Globe notifying them that the paper was trying to unseal the case and lift the gag order enforced on all parties.

According to an article in the Boston Globe in 2005, Maureen received nearly 500,000 shares of Staples stock in the divorce … but sold half her shares before the company went public.

Our sources say Tom has filed papers opposing the Globe’s motion. Romney’s lawyers have not responded.

Tom has been a major Romney supporter, even speaking for five minutes at the Republican National Convention.We’re told Gloria Allred represents someone connected with the divorce and we believe — though we have not confirmed it — that is Maureen.

If the gag order is lifted, Maureen and others could freely talk about the divorce … less than two weeks before the election.

We’re pretty sure Wddnesday is going to be a huge day in news.

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