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The GOP been acting real out of pocket lately…

Sarah Palin Calls Obama “Shuck And Jive Liar”

Like many conservativea, Sarah Palin is criticizing President Obama for his administration’s inconsistent statements on the Benghazi, Libya, attack. Unlike many conservativws, Palin used the term “shuck and jive” to describe Obama’s behavior.

In a Facebook/Twitter post today, Palin wrote: “Obama’s Shuck and Jive Ends With Benghazi Lies.” She also used the term in the text of the post, which concludes, “President Obama’s shuck and jive shtick with these Benghazi lies must end.”

Via Washington Post reports:

“Shucking and jiving” have long been words used as a negative assessment of African Americans, along the lines of a “foot shufflin’ Negro.” In fact, I don’t recall ever hearing the phrase used in reference to anyone white.

According to a story in Newsday, “The 1994 book ‘Juba to Jive, a Dictionary of African-American Slang,’ says ‘shuck and jive’ dates back to the 1870s and was an ‘originally southern ‘Negro’ expression for clowning, lying, pretense.’”

First “The Donald” now this. Yeah, even more nonsense from this non-mathafawking factor. The best approach for attention slores like this is the timeless school yard silent treatment.

The less heard from her, the better off the national discourse.



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