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Barack’s steppin’ up while Mittens is avoiding the questions altogether! He’s not even trying to act like he’s offended by all that rape=blessings kool-aid chitchatter that some of his supporters are spittin’.

In an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, POTUS was vocal about women’s health care choices.

Brian Williams asked the President,

‘Mr. President, the subject of rape has been in the public discourse during the campaign year more than any time I can remember during American public life. you were asked about it last night, you have inserted a line in your speech, I noted about women’s health. is that as far as you’re comfortable going right now?’.

And Barack wasn’t playin’ with his response,

‘Well, no, let me be very clear. These attempts to re-define rape in some way make no sense to me, and I don’t think they make sense to the vast majority of women across the country. But more broadly, I think what these episodes point to is the fact that you don’t want politicians, the majority of them male, making a series of decisions about women’s health care issues. You know, I’m very proud of my track record when it comes to having confidence that women can make their own decisions. You know, that is what I believe, that is how I govern, and those are the kinds of Supreme Court, you know, choices that I have made to remarkable women. And I think that it is important for women to have confidence that their president knows this is a set of decisions for them to make in consultations with their families, their clergy, it is not something that politicians need to get involved in.’

What’s your stance on this issue?

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